• The Post-it® App is an application for your iOS device that enables you to take your square Post-it® Notes from the analog world to the digital, seamlessly and easily. Use the Post-it® App to stay focused on the ideas, not the work.
  • Capture is what we call the process of photographing multiple Post-it® Notes and then identifying each individual note so it can be recreated digitally.
  • A Board is the display area for captured Post-it® Notes. Multiple Captures can be included in the same Board.
  • The Post-it® App works with all devices running iOS 10 or above. It is optimized for iPhone® X and newer as well as for iPad Pro®.
  • Not at this time; however, this is a feature we are exploring. If that’s something you are interested in, please drop us a line at If you are seeking to use the app with screens larger than your iPhone®, the app runs great on iPad® and can also be projected to Apple TV® using AirPlay®.
  • Absolutely! Visit to get all the latest information.
  • High contrast content captures best so we recommend using dark colored markers or felt tipped pens. The app also works great with Apple Pencil® for editing digital notes. The lighting in the room as well as the contrast between notes and the background also matters. Always capture in well-lit environments. If you have a light background such as a whiteboard, notes with stronger colors work best. If you have a dark background, lighter colored notes work better.
  • Currently the Post-it® App is optimized for square Post-it® Notes. If you use other shapes the app may still capture them, but they will be displayed as a square. This may result in the content of that note looking squished. If you are interested in support for capturing additional Post-it® Products, please drop us a line at


  • 3M is not able to view any of the content you capture with the app.
  • The Post-it® App does not use or track any personal or user-identifiable data. To view the complete 3M privacy policy visit
  • When you capture Post-it® Notes, you have the ability to tag the Capture with your location so that you can reference it later. If you give the app permission to access your location, the Capture view will show where each capture was made. The location will also be seen when you export your Post-it® Notes as a PDF document, an Excel® spreadsheet or a PowerPoint® presentation. You can always change location permissions through the Location Services option in the iOS privacy settings.


  • Tap will let you take a photo instantly with just a tap of the finger. Touch-and-Hold requires you to press and hold the camera button for 2 seconds to process your Capture. The touch-and-hold option improves capture stability and image quality.
  • Currently, the Post-it® App is optimized for square Post-it® Notes. If you use other types, the app may still capture them but they will be displayed as a square. This may result in the content of that note looking squished, but don’t worry, all of the originally captured detail is still there.
  • Tap the camera icon in the Post-it® App. The Capture Screen will open, activating the camera. Tap the landscape icon on the bottom of the screen to access and select an existing photo on your device.
  • You may have the screen orientation locked on your device. Check your settings to make sure it is turned off.
  • While the Post-it® App is optimized to capture square Post-it® Notes, it is possible to use the manual assist feature to capture additional content. With the original Capture View open, tap the content you wish to add. The Post-it® App will add a bounding box to the capture. You can drag the corners of the box to outline the content, then touch “Done” to add it to the capture.
  • From the Board View swipe right to left. You will see your original Capture of the notes.
  • With your original Capture View open, simply tap any notes contained within the capture that are not outlined with a check mark in the image. When you return to your Board View, you will see your missing note added.
  • We use a special algorithm to enhance the rendition of your note for a more uniform appearance of your Board. If you wish to see your note in its original form, simply tap the note then tap the filter icon (it looks like a semi-circle within a circle). This will turn off the enhancement filter for that note.
  • The Post-it® App’s ability to capture Post-it® Notes is dependent on the quality of your device’s camera — newer iOS devices can capture more notes at the same time. All devices can capture at least 200 notes at once and oftentimes many more. Keep in mind that the more notes you capture at once the lower the resolution will be of each note.
  • We recommend keeping a minimum of 1/8 of an inch between notes. Overlapping notes may require manual assist to capture.
  • To help ensure quality and readability of note content, the Post-it® App will not take a photo if you are too far away from the notes you are trying to capture. The hints in the Camera View will guide you to move closer.
  • Try getting closer to the notes and making sure the camera is focused before capturing.
  • With the Post-it® App open, press the settings gear icon on the top left-hand side of the screen. Under the heading Capture, the second option for Capture Hints will allow you to slide on and off the capture hints as well as the app’s ability to prevent capture if you are not able to meet the minimum conditions for a good capture.
  • Tap the + icon in the Post-it® App and pick the camera option to activate the capture view. You can either try to capture the whole wall in one image, or capture portions of the wall in sections if you want higher resolution notes. After you have created a Board with the first capture, you can tap + again directly from the Board to add additional captures. You will notice that every capture is automatically put into its own grouping, making organizing easier.
  • Tap on an individual note to zoom. Tap on the export icon then select "Save image".
  • No. Importing pictures taken in panoramic mode is not supported at this time.

Digital Notes

  • Yes. You can create digital Post-it® Notes and add content by drawing and typing. The note editor provides a number of note and marker colors for drawing and the ability to add typed text to a note, as well as options to change the color of the Post-it® Note itself independent of the color of your drawings and text.
  • Yes. The editor allows you to make changes to captured Post-it® Notes just as easily as digital ones.

In-App Purchases

  • The Editor’s pack activates additional tools for editing your captured and digitally created Post-it® Notes. It features an eraser tool that works on both captured and digital notes. It also includes a color fan for creating colorful digital notes or changing the background of captured Post-it® Notes.


  • No, you cannot un-combine boards. Once they are combined, you are unable to divide them.
  • With the Post-it® App open, create a new Board by capturing notes or open an existing Board containing notes. Simply drag and drop any of the notes in and out of groups to reorganize the notes as you see fit.
  • In the Board View, when you tap on a group of notes, you will see three layout options depicted as icons. The first shows the notes as you captured them. The second will organize your notes into rows and columns. The third on the far right aligns the notes to fit the aspect of the group shape you have selected.
  • Yes! Simply export your Board as one of the file types and open the exported file type to continue working with your notes in your favorite programs.
  • You have two options. In the Grid View, simply tap “Select” on the top right-hand side of the screen. Select all Boards you wish to combine, and press “Combine”. Your selected Boards will be merged into one. The second option is simply to drag any of the Boards in the Grid View onto the Board you wish to combine.
  • In the Grid View, simply tap “Select” on the top right-hand side of the screen. An icon of a trash can will appear on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Tap that and select Delete Board.


  • To export a board, either select it in the Grid view and tap the Share button or enter the board and tap the Share button there. This will bring up the Export Board view where you will first select an export format and then an export destination such as email, iMessage®, AirDrop® to another device, Dropbox, Google Drive™, etc.
  • The Post-it® App Archive export format creates a .3CSB file which can be opened in the Post-it® App on another device. It can be also used to send boards to other people, e.g. over email or using AirDrop®.